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Welcome to Crime Ink Publishing, LLC
Simply the most effective Law Enforcement textbook series available that prepares students with the training, skills and knowledge to successfully obtain a rewarding career in law enforcement, CSI, and private security.

Formed in 2009, Crime Ink Publishing (CIP) was established by a collaboration of experienced law enforcement and forensic personnel to provide Criminal Justice (CJ) textbooks in an easy-to-read format. Comprised of current and former professors, federal agents and police officers, CIP recognized the need for textbooks that provide concise information on how to prepare for the law enforcement hiring process – instrumental for both students and those interested in law enforcement careers.

Our staff of writers, having taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels, were astonished of how many students were unfamiliar with the police hiring process. Our books, Strategies for Police Applicants: The Oral Interview, and The Police Hiring Process: What to Expect, help prepare students by providing in-depth scenarios and requirements of the entire application and hiring process. Students that have purchased our series of books demonstrated more self-confidence and improved their critical thinking skills. In addition, CIP offers Introduction to Police Report Writing as well as our forensic science series - Practical Applications in Forensic Science and Forensic Death Investigation: A Practical Guide to the Medicological Investigation of Death - as additional supplements to any Criminal Justice or Forensic Science Program.

CIP is currently expanding its series of book offerings to include Criminal Justice Ethics, Terrorism, Homeland Security, Criminology and other Criminal Justice texts.  For more information, contact


"In my arrogance I thought I already knew everything I needed to know about getting into Law Enforcement. I tried doing it on my own with little or no success.

Boy was I wrong, this Law Enforcement textbook seriously opened my eyes and showed me what I needed to do to be a better candidate in this really competitive field. "

Mick R., TX